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  • Dental Anxiety – My child is anxious at the dentist what should I do?

    Dental Anxiety – My child is anxious at the dentist what should I do?

    We recently received an email from one of our clients grown-ups after a trip to the dentist, which they have allowed us to share (anonymised), so that we can help other children that might also find the dentist challenging. “Dear Happy Confident Kids I am hoping you can help me with a situation that arose…

  • Small, but Mighty

    Small, but Mighty

    Nature is amazing and last week both Laura and I independently visited Stratford Butterfly Farm with our families, it was amazing to see all the beautiful butterflies and also so inspiring seeing this army of ants at work. Ants have incredible speed and they carry objects bigger than their own weight, they are incredibly hard…

  • Glimmer Tree

    Glimmer Tree

    Create your own Glimmer Tree. Think of things that make you glimmer; glimmers are the good things in everyday life for example: snuggled on the sofa watching a movie, jumping in muddy puddle or just being outside – see what’s a glimmer? Give the glimmer a colour in the key and colour a bauble in…

  • Christmas Glimmer Hunt

    Christmas Glimmer Hunt

    Join us this December to hunt out some Glimmers (the good things in everyday life – what’s a glimmer?). See what you can find and how they make you feel inside. You can also colour in your Gimmer Hunt sheet. Send a copy of your sheet to or tag us on social media for…

  • Christmas Glimmers

    Christmas Glimmers

    Over the weekend I got absorbed in social media; pictures of amazing Christmas parties, family outings and incredible elf on the shelf creations. It’s so easy to get wrapped up (boom boom) in looking at other peoples lives and making comparisons to our own, so much so that it’s easy to overlook the simplest glimmers…

  • Making the Impossible Possible

    Making the Impossible Possible

    Yesterday was Walt Disney Day and a great reminder to keep dreaming big; let our minds feel free and imagine. Walt Disney had a creative thinking strategy he used with all his teams, that involved having a “Dreamer Room”, where people could freely express creative ideas, unjudged by others. This later lead to the term…

  • Self Care Tool – I Heart Me

    Self Care Tool – I Heart Me

    I Heart Me is a lovely coaching tool that we teach our coaches and one they then use to help children and young people to take time to love themselves. We use this tool as part of our teenage 1-2-1 coaching program and group workshops. So we thought we would spread the love a little…

  • Helping Children and Young People with Distressing War News

    There are currently 32 ongoing conflicts in the world, recently news coverage of the conflict in Ukraine and now Israel and Gaza have been graphic, immediate and relentless. Images and stories of war can be hard to hear and worrying for children and young people. Research shows indirect exposure to traumatic events can trigger mental health…

  • Power Pose for Kids

    Power Pose for Kids

    In this video we talk about what confidence is and how the way we present our bodies can help us to look and feel confident – fake it until we make it. The Power Pose is any amazing tool our coaches regularly teach their young clients age 5-18 and its a core part of our…

  • Be More Matilda

    Be More Matilda

    Every month we run coaching clinics to support all our wonderful coaches. During our session we were chatting about power poses and coach Sally was talking about how her young clients are often inspired by Matilda and also what a great power pose she has. It got me thinking how we could all be a…

  • Be a Happy Confident Kids Coach

    Be a Happy Confident Kids Coach

    Here goes everyone we are super excited to launch our new dates for training to become one of our amazing Happy Confident Kids coaches. Dates for our next intake for Happy Confident Kids Coach training: Become part of an amazing support network where you will be trained and have support to win new work? Our awesome…

  • Become an In the Wild Leader

    Become an In the Wild Leader

    Your passion for nature, life experience and qualifications coupled with our training & ongoing support, through our membership, will enable you to become an In the Wild leader; where you can deliver and teach important life skills to children and young people. Connecting children and young people to nature while teaching them life skills. How…

  • Finding Light in the Dark

    Finding Light in the Dark

    I am sharing this story because I want to share how lightness (glimmers) pulled me out from a very dark place and teaching this to children/young people is such an important life skill. Life will always throw challenges at us and most people will experience periods of darkness at some point in life; having tools…

  • Children and Glimmers

    Children and Glimmers

    Our recent post what’s a glimmer? got one of our coaches Lucia thinking about children and glimmers so we wanted to share some wise words from her… Glimmers are so important, they are the joy in life, that feeling that can’t be put into words. Glimmers are all around us, all of the time but…

  • Can we always be happy & confident?

    Can we always be happy & confident?

    One of coach Laura’s teen 1-2-1 coaching zoom clients asked her if she is always happy and confident as a coach. And the honest answer is no; which is totally normal. We all go through varying emotional states on a daily basis. The skill is identifying the emotional state we are currently in and if…

  • Preparing for Exam Results

    Preparing for Exam Results

    We recently were asked to write an article for Which School on helping young people prepare for exam results. We thought it would also be useful to share it here as we had such good feedback about its fresh approach. Let’s us know what you think in the comments and please share to those who…

  • Happy Confident Kids’ strategies are powerful, with immediate positive impact.

    Happy Confident Kids’ strategies are powerful, with immediate positive impact.

    “The feedback from these students has been overwhelmingly positive. The Happy Confident Kids’ strategies are powerful, with immediate positive impact. As a result of the intervention, we have seen non-attenders return to school and students return to mainstream lessons. The increase in students’ confidence is palpable.”

  • Sarah Stevenson-Jennings MBE Interview

    Sarah Stevenson-Jennings MBE Interview

    Head coach Laura interviewed Sarah Stevenson-Jennings MBE, who is a Taekwan-do mega star. They talked about mindset and confidence. Some take aways from Sarah were to Have a listen and let us know what you think.