Teacher Training

Do you want to develop transformational skills that will help you access calm and confidence when you need them, improve how you communicate with children and young people; leading to increased confidence and performance of learners?

Since 2017 Happy Confident Kids tools have been transforming the lives of children and young people throughout the UK and beyond.

The transformational tools we use enable the people we support and those they work with to be confident, resilient and do their best. We want to share these tools with you both to improve your well-being and the children and young people you work with or support. So you can now become an official Happy Confident Kids Glimmer Seeker.

Become an official Happy Confident Kids Glimmer Seeker

As an official Happy Confident Kids Glimmer Seeker we will teach you skills for self-care and how to create a helpful environment for learners to thrive in; that will be positive and safe. Teaching you innovative ways to communicate with an understanding of why what you say really matters.

Changing how you frame conversation can be hugely impactful, especially when communicating with children and young people. Our training will help you create a growth mindsets for yourself and your learners/children & young people you work with.

Our comprehensive interactive training program enables you to:

  • Learn about the power of the inner coach.
  • Understand the mind body connection
  • Learn about why what you say really matters
  • Access skills so you can coach in a positive way that promotes confidence and resilience.
  • Access hands on tools to aid the people you support and your well-being & resilience.

How our Happy Confident Kids Official
Glimmer Seeker membership works?

First year fee £250 | Subsequent years £120

Contact us hello@happyconfidentkids.com to find out more, we work with educators individually or with schools etc.