Did you know your kid has a superpower

Imagine this: Your morning starts with a sock drawer explosion. Your little adventurer declares war…over socks (again!). Stomping, shouting, enough drama to fuel a Shakespeare play. You take a deep breath (because, let’s face it, you’ve been here before). But then, something magical happens.

✨Silence. You peek in and find your little warrior…calmly playing. Turns out, they have a secret superpower: the ability to self-soothe.

Kids can learn to calm themselves down.

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But how? Here’s the secret:

  1. We highlight their superpower. When they find their calm, point it out and celebrate it. “I love how you took a few moments for yourself and accessed calm.”
  2. Focus on the calm, not the storm. When all you see is the tantrum/meltdown, it’s easy to forget the good stuff. By focusing on the calm moments, we help them repeat that awesome superpower.

Bonus Tip: Ditch the sock drama! Life’s too short for sock fights. This mama made a deal: no more sock battles, just a backup pair for emergencies.

So next time your child finds a way to access calm shine a light on it.

P.S. This superpower isn’t just about socks (although, that would be amazing). It’s about learning to manage all those big emotions that come with being a little human.

P.P.S. Want more tips on raising calm, confident, and kind kiddos? Check out our meltdown workshop and 1-2-1 kids coaching sessions.

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