Summer Meltdown SOS

End the Struggle, Find Joy

Is your child’s anger or meltdowns turning your days upside down?

You’re not alone

Join our proven online meltdown workshop and discover:

✨ The secrets behind meltdowns (ages 4-10)
✨ Effective tools to prevent and navigate them calmly
✨ Empowerment to support yourself and your child
✨ A happier home environment for everyone
✨ Families have already transformed their lives.

“Huge benefits already!” – Warwickshire Mum

Stop feeling lost and frustrated.

This 33-minute online workshop fits your busy schedule:
✨ Reduce meltdowns in frequency and intensity
✨ Boost your confidence as a parent
✨ Support yourself so you can better support your child
✨ Create a calmer, happier household

Take the first step to a more confident you and a joyful home

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ENTER summerready for £10 off

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P.S. Raising kids is hard. We’re here to help!






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