Helping teens to be exam ready

Anyone can do this, no matter how ready you are or how much you’ve studied.

This technique can help teens feel as calm and relaxed as possible before and during exams, so they can do as well as they possibly can.

Help your teen(s), if they are open to help, to imagine two people ready to go into an exam hall, both have studied to a similar level and sitting the same paper…

👉one is standing tall, smiling and ready to give it their best shot.

👉 the other is shoulders down, sad faced and just wants the day to be over, imagining everything that could possibly go wrong

Who is setup ready to go, who do they think will feel better during the exam?

They can set themselves up for success too by visualising how they would love to feel in the exam e.g calm and focused, imagine how this will feel on the day. The more they can visualise this happening ahead of the exam it will then help them to feel confident and ready to go on the day.

Sports people and lots of successful business people use this technique to put them in the right state of mind when they need it. It’s something you can teach teens really quickly. We teach this to our Happy Confident Kids confidence coachesKids Confidence Coaches who use it with their 1-2-1 coaching sessions and in schools, we also teach it to our sports coaches. This visualising tool can help kids on the right path and to have a growth mindset.

Give it a go…what’s the best that could happen?






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