Emotional Outburst Workshop

Coach Luke recently shared with us a workshop he did with one of his young clients; to build confidence, explore emotions and help deal with angry outbursts.

“I love working outside with clients, so for yesterday’s session we headed outside as the weather was beautiful and my young person also loves being outdoors. This gave us a chance to feel the benefit of positive movement while in nature and explore how our body language can change how we feel inside.

We started to develop our emotional language, putting words to our feelings alongside making a confidence mood board. Asking ourselves:

What colour is anger?
What shape is confident?
If calm was a texture, what would it feel like?

This helps us to understand what emotions we might be experiencing and to make positive changes if they are not helpful in the moment. We ended the session with a calming activity, using creative play to create a happy jar!” Coach Luke

What a lovely session – we love being in nature with our 1-2-1 clients and with our In the Wild Workshops.

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