Top tip for helping kids with tricky emotions

Monday a fire lit in my belly…

Miranda and I spent the morning with Emily @movementfoundations talking about our new Movement programme for kids and it really inspired me. As a coach I am always looking to develop my skills and it’s amazing to have these new tools and skills at my finger tips, now I am a Movement Coach.

In the Wild👣 Being barefoot is a core part of our Movement workshops it’s so important for wellbeing, balance and much more. So on Tuesday I decided to challenge the students at Alderbrook Secondary School, as part of our In the Wild Workshops, where we teach kids well-being skills in nature.

✨ Setting an example I kicked off my shoes and felt the wonderful feeling of the dewy grass between my toes. As soon as I took off my shoes and came into contact with the ground I felt the immediate impact in my entire body and mind. I felt instantly calmed and had a feeling of freedom, this is called earthing.

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Seeing some of the teens that we were working with joining me and taking off their school shoes to do “grass is lava” too was really something special. It’s such a basic thing, but many kids don’t have access to any barefoot time.

Getting kids into nature is such a joy, providing them with crucial time away from their busy indoor worlds, it’s so powerful and impactive for their health on so many levels. I can’t wait to get back out there and kick off my shoes.

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