Supporting Kids with Meltdowns & Anger

(age 4 to 10)

Our tools have helped 1000’s of kids to transform their lives.

“Having the tools from this workshop, has had huge benefits already to our family life.” 
Mum in Warwickshire

If you…

  • Don’t understand why your kids are having meltdowns.
  • Feel like everything is a fight: school drop off, mealtime, bedtime – all the time.
  • Worry you’re doing it all wrong and making things worse.
  • Regularly embarrassed by behaviour (carrying around guilt for feeling that way).
  • Wish someone could tell you how to make things get better.
  • Feel at your wit’s end.

We’re here to help.
You deserve the tools and resources to help you to feel prepared.

This online workshop will…

Explain why meltdowns happen, then how to avoid and support kids when in them.

Giving you tools to:

  • help you feel more empowered and confident
  • support yourself, so you can better support those around you.
  • reduce the length, strength, and number of meltdowns.
  • help transform your outlook on life.

By taking this step, you are on the path
to a more confident you and happier household.

We have developed the workshop with busy schedules in mind, it takes only 33 mins, you can pause it at any time and it’s available for 14 days from purchase.

Raising kids can be challenging – we are here to help.

“The take home messages we got were huge, finally we are able to work as a team.” 
Parents in Warwickshire – more

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