Simple Tip for Positive Thinking

Changing mindset can be this simple 🌱

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I’m training for a run on Sunday supporting @harrys_rainbow_ and when I started my run I kept telling myself

and today I got my PB for 5k.

You can apply this to so much in life and it’s a simple powerful change.

  • I’ve got to feed my kids 👉 I get to feed my kids
  • I’ve got to workout 👉 I get to workout
  • I’ve got to do my exams 👉 I get to do my exams

Mindset is everything and we can control the thoughts we listen to. Thinking in this way will help you have a more positive outlook even when doing the admin of life.

👉 give this a go and let us know how you get along. Follow along for more growth mindset tips like this.






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