Hold on to the Glimmers

Life isn’t always how it seems – Coach Laura gives us an insight into the “perfect holiday” they had last year.

Perfect Instagram photos of a perfect holiday, weekend or day; depending on the accounts you follow we can be saturated with perfection. It can be useful to remind ourselves that reality isn’t like that; it’s an edited version of life.

Last year we went on the ‘perfect holiday’ to Disneyland Paris; something I had dreamed of doing for years. I had a vision of how it could be and how much my two children would love the Disney magic.

On the first day my son (who is very routine oriented) had a big melt down because the Disney restaurant didn’t have the type of ham sandwich he likes on the bread he was used to. It didn’t matter that the waiters were on roller boots and that the bread was in the shape of Mickey mouses head or that we were in a “magical” (very expensive) place.

…according to my son in that moment it was

“the worst holiday ever!!!”

Not quite how we had imagined or wanted the holiday starting off.  We eventually got lunch sorted and my son was able to regulate his emotions and we went on to make some amazing memories.

Life with children and their different personalities is such a mixed bag of emotions. We can’t always control how children react to situations however we can control how we respond and chose to support them.

How do you deal with moments like these?

At Happy Confident Kids we often talk about ✨glimmers✨; little moments of happy bubbles. Keep your eyes open to spot them and then really appreciate them. Hold on to them for as long as possible; it’s the simple things that will spark joy – see: what’s a glimmer?

‘Perfect ‘photo  of my son a ✨glimmer✨ if ever there was.

In the moments your children’s emotions are unhelpful or they find it difficult to move out of an emotion be there for them; be their emotional anchor.

Growing up with my own family life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows; all the moments shared made life what it was. Looking back many of those imperfect moments I smile at now and treasure.

‘Breadgate ‘will forever be a Disney memory one we now look back on fondly and the more time that passes the better that holiday gets.

A moment I also remember from that trip was going on crushers coaster, I thought it was going to be a gentle ride but got thrown around in the dark swung upside down and was terrified!  I came out of it looking quite ragged and pale; but totally exhilarated and really happy to have experienced it with my tribe; even if it wasn’t how I’d imagined – just like this crazy ride of life that we are all on. 

Life vs Instagram

People post on social media like Instagram etc for many reasons for some, it’s a career for others it might be to just to share snippets of life with family and friends of things they are up to. It can be a break from the negativity of the news and feels more personal; however it’s an edited version of life.

People don’t always post warts and all stories, as they don’t want to hold onto those memories and keep things private; people just want to hold onto and share the glimmers.

What glimmers do you hold onto?






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