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  • Finding Light in the Dark

    Finding Light in the Dark

    I am sharing this story because I want to share how lightness (glimmers) pulled me out from a very dark place and teaching this to children/young people is such an important life skill. Life will always throw challenges at us and most people will experience periods of darkness at some point in life; having tools…

  • Hold on to the Glimmers

    Hold on to the Glimmers

    Life isn’t always how it seems – Coach Laura gives us an insight into the “perfect holiday” they had last year. Perfect Instagram photos of a perfect holiday, weekend or day; depending on the accounts you follow we can be saturated with perfection. It can be useful to remind ourselves that reality isn’t like that;…

  • What’s a glimmer?

    What’s a glimmer?

    Look out for the glimmers, breathe them in and hold onto them tight. Here at Happy Confident Kids we ❤️ a ✨glimmer✨, we seek them out. Glimmers are the opposite of triggers; they make you feel safe connected and relaxed. They are the good stuff. Glimmers come in all shapes and sizes, and they often…