What’s a glimmer?

Look out for the glimmers, breathe them in and hold onto them tight.

Here at Happy Confident Kids we ❤️ a ✨glimmer✨, we seek them out.

Glimmers are the opposite of triggers; they make you feel safe connected and relaxed. They are the good stuff.

Glimmers come in all shapes and sizes, and they often just small things:

  • taking five mins in the sun listening to the birds singing,
  • a joke with a child when you both laugh out loud,
  • eating your favourite foods,
  • celebrating when something goes well.

I have had a few beautiful glimmers recently with my two children, watching as they navigate their relationship out of term time and into school holidays. These include:

  • my eldest helping her sister onto various equipment at the park.
  • my children walking hand in hand just chatting.
  • sharing a love of pomegranates together with my children and all getting excited when we spotted some huge ones on offer.
  • rock pooling with our children and the excitement when we found the tiniest of crabs.

The memories are all small, some that pass in the glint of an eye; I am holding onto them supper tight, as when times get tough these are what keep me going.

What makes you glimmer?






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