Christmas Glimmers

Over the weekend I got absorbed in social media; pictures of amazing Christmas parties, family outings and incredible elf on the shelf creations. It’s so easy to get wrapped up (boom boom) in looking at other peoples lives and making comparisons to our own, so much so that it’s easy to overlook the simplest glimmers that are right in front of us.

I was recently on a development course and was asked to look around the room I was sat in and think about what I noticed – the cracks in the plaster on the walls, a bit of mould in the corner of the window, the cobwebs. Then I was asked to imagine myself as someone from a war torn country, what would it feel like for them to be in my seat, to be in this room feel safe not even noticing the cracks the mould and the cobwebs.

During this visualisation, everything else in my mind slipped away, I felt warm and safe and grateful to have loving family and friends.

Getting perspective is so important, especially at a time when there is a lot of trauma for so many people. You can do this mentally imagining a scenario like I did or by physically stepping out of responsibilities of life for just a moment; going for a walk, having a bath when the kids are in bed or reading a chapter of a book. You can also do one of our amazing tools – I Heart Me give it a go it will make you feel amazing.

Christmas Overwhelm

At this time of year children and young people can also easily get overwhelmed with the build up to Christmas with plays, advent, busy schedules and end of term tiredness so they maybe prone to more emotional outburst or meltdowns; anticipating and planning for this is can be helpful.

Our top Nativity / Christmas Play Tip – Teach your children or young person the power pose, it will help them step into confidence when they need it
(click here: how to do the power pose, we would love to see your power poses please tag us @happyconfdentkids

Finding Quiet Moments

Taking time to have quiet moments amongst the festivities is a key part in maintaining family heath and well being in the build up to Christmas.

We have regularly asked our young clients over the years:

When are you at your most happy and calm?

The most popular answer is snuggling up on the sofa with my family watching a film. It really is the simplest thing.

I love taking time out to sit and watch films with my family or to play a board game. Over the past few years my family has come up with a tradition I buy two Christmas jigsaws from the charity shop each year, my children absolutely love them. At various points in the day you can find a few of us together finding a couple of pieces in-between dinner or getting ready for school. It helps us all to have a few calm moments and has been well worth the couple of pounds invested.

We love making new traditions shaking off any old ones that don’t suit our family dynamic anymore and above all doing Christmas in a way that suits and works for us and helps us to feel all the glimmers that come with this time of year.

So my biggest tips for this season, take time out for you and your family, enjoy the free stuff make new traditions that fit in with your family whatever it may look like and most importantly do Christmas your way.

Keep looking for those little glimmers and hold them tight. A great way to do this is with one of our glimmer jar kits (also a great gift to someone).

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