Christmas Glimmer Hunt

Join us this December to hunt out some Glimmers (the good things in everyday life – what’s a glimmer?). See what you can find and how they make you feel inside. You can also colour in your Gimmer Hunt sheet. Send a copy of your sheet to or tag us on social media for a chance to win a Glimmer Jar Kit.

December is great for glimmer seeking and for children or young people that find Christmas challenge this can be something to help focus the mind on the small positives in everyday life. This time of year can be very big and overwhelming so focusing on glimmers and shining a light on them can be very powerful. It’s also good to remember that its often the small memories that stay with us; lighting a fire and doing a jigsaw, a walk in the woods, family movie on the sofa, colouring together and eating our favourite foods.

Whatever you are doing this Christmas take time for you even if it’s just 5 mins every day, a small window to breathe and connect with yourself.






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