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Recently I went to @yvconcerts where my daughter was performing with thousands of other children, it was an amazing evening on so many levels listening to children singing is such a lovely experience and the children will have memories for a lifetime; including being inspired by their new hero @nandi_bushell

The first thing Emily said to me when she got off the coach was…”did I see Nandi the 13 year old drummer, she was amazing?” I did see her, and she was incredible.

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We’ve recently written an article for @anlpinternational magazine which talks about “Being more Batman” and the Young Voices concert got me thinking about that.

We can’t all be Batman flying around in our capes and rescuing people and not all of us have the talent that @nandi_bushell has, yet we can all take something from our heroes which will give us our own superpowers. This is something we teach the children and young people we work with, both in our one to one sessions and our school workshops.

We can use the people that we admire to help us access the super power that is confidence. We do this by putting ourselves in our superhero’s shoes… what would Nandi do? From the performance I saw at the concert, she would absolutely smash it out.

Why does stepping into the power of a superhero or someone we look up to help children and young people?

Confidence is a skill and some children and young people need help stepping into their confidence, or they may have had experiences that have stripped confidence from them.

One thing that can help, is to find out who the are people that inspire your child or young person and tap into this, ask them what would x do in a situation? You’ll be amazed how powerful this can be!

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