Working with Castle Nursery & Pre School – Kenilworth

We loved working with Castle Nursery and Pre-School and it was so great to do workshops with the staff, parents and children so that we can spread the Happy Confident Kids tools across the whole community.

Our online workshop was run by two of our coaches Michelle (Over in New Zealand) and then Laura here in the UK. We have a great reception from the staff and owners; it was lovely to see so many like minded people working to support children and develop their understandings our how the words we say really matter.

We also did group sessions at the pre-school and ran a further online class for parents to further support this.

“It was fantastic to be invited back to Castle Pre-School to deliver workshops.  It was great to take a holistic approach by facilitating workshops for both the staff, parents, carers and all the children.

I had wonderful feedback especially from parents who loved learning about the mind body connection and how a simple change in the language used with children can be so effective.

The children also loved our mascot Ginger and the fun story that we created around him to help build well-being and emotional awareness.”   
Coach Laura

We can tailor our workshops for the audience please say to find out more.



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