We can learn a lot from Sarina Wiegman

A growth mindset means believing that a person’s abilities aren’t innate but can be improved through effort, learning, and persistence.

We are running an in person Happy Confident Kids Sports Coach Masterclass next week in which we have a section on FIXED vs GROWTH mindset Sarina Wiegman is an amazing example of a growth mindset.

As a KID she wasn’t allowed to play football because she was a girl. So she cut off her hair and went and played anyway. Now look at her.

She’s also an amazing sports coach who has done things in her own way; breaking barriers and nurturing her team to success.

A study in late 2023 showed that since the Lionesses won Euro 2022, coached by Sarina Wiegman 68,000 more girls are playing football – so she’s helped to change other peoples mindsets too.

Can’t wait to read her book, there is a lot we can learn from Sarina Wiegman 🌱Follow along @happyconfidentkids to find out more about how we are helping sports coaches; so more kids can access and stay in sports.






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