Simple Tip for Avoiding Meltdowns

HALT – 😋HUNGRY 😠ANGRY 😞 LONELY 😴TIRED HALT is a term used in the mental health field for assessing if our basic needs are met.

This is something we cover in our ANGER and MELTDOWNS workshop. Assessing for basic needs can be really helpful for BOTH avoiding and resolving meltdowns.

For example hungry, tired, thirsty, needing the loo.

We have worked with a lot of kids and teachers and the one thing that comes back again and AGAIN, you won’t believe how simple it is. It’s a basic need that we often need to remind ourselves to do and if kids have sensory needs it might be they don’t know they need it…💦 WATER

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Kids are so often dehydrated. They can be restricted with access to water at school or just not realise they are thirsty. It takes practise to drink enough water, so small sips throughout the day can ensure we are hydrated. Sometimes the simplest of things can make the biggest difference.

Meltdowns aren’t always avoidable, having tools to help avoid and then support during a meltdown can be game changing both for kids and the grown-ups supporting them. Follow along for some more support tomorrow for avoiding meltdowns. What have you found helps kids avoid meltdowns?

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