How to make time as a parent for self-care

Looking after yourself is so important especially as grown-ups where we are looking after kids.

It’s hard to look after others when you don’t have some time for you; especially to help avoid and then support with meltdowns.

Being grounded and connecting with ourselves, even a few minutes a day can help us to keep in a more helpful state and be less triggered by those around us.

A few top tips for fast self-care:

🧘🏻 Practising Mindful Breathing
❤️ Take time to love yourself and practicing being kind to yourself.
🌱Connect with nature – take off your shoes, walk bare foot in the grass. Nature does amazing things to our bodies.

Self-care can be small amounts of time, find out what works for you and your family. Taking care of yourself first is something we talk about in our new grown-up workshop: Anger and Meltdown Workshop

Online workshop for parents and carers.






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