How can I help my kid in meltdown?

Ever watched kids struggling to wait their turn or getting frustrated so quickly they scream or hit, ending in a meltdown. This is not just a test of patience for us; it’s a glimpse into the world of a kid developing self-control.

Self-control is like a muscle🏋‍♂ the more we use it, the stronger it gets. Just like every skill, kids can hone it too. Here’s why it’s crucial:

🤝 Social Relationships: Kids who can recognise and regulate emotions are better equipped to build healthy relationships with peers.

🧠 Academic Success: In an educational setting, these skills translate to better concentration, persistence, and problem-solving abilities.

🔮Future Success: These foundational skills don’t just impact a kid’s present. They set the tone for their future, too.So, how can you help kids build this skill?

In our online Meltdown Workshop we can teach you skills as a parent to help you teach your kids self control.

We thought you might want to see a snippet of the feedback we recently had from a mum who did the workshop, we love being able to help even more families with our tools….

“The take home messages we got as a family were huge. My partner started to come on board with naming the emotions and realising ‘monkey see monkey do’. It helped us both just stop and think a bit before speaking.”

They did the workshop as a family and shared with grandparents too, so they are fully aligned as a family – which is epic!

Remember every child is unique, their development will differ, and that’s okay. With patience and consistent support, they’ll grow stronger emotional confidence each day.

If you have a story or tip about helping kids in meltdown, we’d love to hear from you 💌






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