Dealing with kids anxiety and overwhelm

We can all suffer from anxiety; it is a part of our survival instinct and designed to keep us alive. However, anxiety can also be over-active, unrealistic, tell us lies and falsely keep firing off; this can create a state of fear.

This state of abject fear can lead to meltdowns over everyday things and if left unchecked, can lead to depression and a destructive cycle. One of the most common reasons children struggle is because of anxiety and overwhelm this is something our coaches often help children to overcome and manage.

What can you do to help a kids overcome anxiety or overwhelm?

We have created some helpful and easy-to-implement strategies to help kids overcome anxiety or overwhelm:

Strategy No. 1 – Really question your thoughts.

  • Will this matter in a few months or years?

  • Is this a big or a small challenge?

  • How could I look at this differently?

  • What would I say to a friend?

We love this illustration from @crazyheadcomics

Negative thoughts can take root in your mind and distort reality, the more often you practice with your child questioning their thoughts the better and stronger they will then become at doing it.

Strategy No. 2 – Use your breath and breathe.

The way we breathe can tell our bodies to rest and digest or prepare for the threat. All our coaches are trained in a technique called “Animal Breathing” and we recently shared a video on this:

In our modern world, many of us are detached from nature and our roots, spending longer and longer periods of time in fabricated structures and for many children most of their days are spent indoors.

Strategy No. 3 – Use the power of nature

Anxiety can be relieved by spending time outdoors, in nature, grounding and connecting yourself with the world around you and the energy of nature. So if needed a grab a coat and get outside; if you live in a town or city, try to find small green spaces you can visit, crazy as it sounds even hugging a tree can help.

Practising these strategies will help you keep a kids’ anxiety in check.

For more help and support in dealing with children’s anxiety or overwhelm contact us to find out about Happy Confident Kid coaching sessions with our accredited coaches:

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