Small, but Mighty

Nature is amazing and last week both Laura and I independently visited Stratford Butterfly Farm with our families, it was amazing to see all the beautiful butterflies and also so inspiring seeing this army of ants at work.

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Ants have incredible speed and they carry objects bigger than their own weight, they are incredibly hard workers and just seem to get on with the task at hand.

It makes us wonder what life would be like for humans if we were never to limit or question ourselves, if we were more like ants and just did it. Often we can experience destructive and limiting internal chatter e.g I can’t do this.

Imagine if ants had limiting internal dialogue…

“I’m not strong enough,
what if I let people down what if I can’t do it?”

This internal dialogue can be useful to us for self protection at times but incredibly limiting for 99% of the time; stopping us from flourishing in the things we want to do and the lives we would love to experience.

What would life be like for us if we were like ants; naturally believing in our strength and abilities, what would we be capable of?

Accessing the power of our mind body connection opens up the door to incredible things and experiences.

Have you ever heard stories of parents lifting cars when reacting to save a child trapped underneath, there only thought is to save their child’s life. Like the ants maybe we are much more capable than the limitations we can set ourselves.

Our kids confidence coaches have seen this awesome effect time and time again when they have shown children and young people how to trust in themselves and access inner power and confidence. Making everyday tasks that seemed big before totally possible and achievable.

So next time you have a limiting thought think about if that thought is useful for you or if like the ants you can just do it.






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