Category: Testimonial

  • 1-2-1 Kids Coaching Feedback

    “Really simple but effective tools and discussions to help myself and my daughter navigate some complex emotions. Amazed the difference it has made in just a few sessions”

  • Much less angry than before our first session

    Much less angry than before our first session

    “Thanks for the session, x was so much happier on Friday. They really enjoyed the sand activity and we’ve looked at his jar a few times since and talked about the colours of the emotions, how they are all mixed up inside him/us but that talking about them helps us understand ourselves better. It’s an…

  • Helping to control frustration and access calm

    “My son visited Laura to help gain strategies to help him when he became frustrated and she was great. He loved the sessions and didn’t want them to stop. He came away with lovely strategies that he still uses and has allowed him to learn how to control his frustration and calm himself. Thank you…

  • 1-2-1 Children Coaching Testimonial

    Sally has been a fantastic help with my daughter, she struggles with anxiety with mainly school but also other day to day activities. Sally has taught her to understand and deal with her anxiety with many coping practices that have helped her gain confidence and ultimately not feel as anxious as she was and be…

  • Parent Testimonial, 1-2-1 Coaching

    “Laura has given us so many tools to help with anxiety and anger. She was very easy for my child to work with and I can already see a calmer child emerging. The techniques Laura showed us can be used for so many different situations. I highly recommend her.”

  • Teen Online Coaching Session

    “Thanks so much for the session with Joe yesterday, he had some very positive takeaways which was a good result.”

  • 1-2-1 coaching for girls sports confidence

    1-2-1 coaching for girls sports confidence

    “Elizabeth’s fitness coach noticed significant improvement in Elizabeth’s confidence.”

  • Parent Testimonial

    “Luke has shown flexibility in adapting his support to suit my sons needs when delivering the happy, confident kids programme. He has made discussing emotions fun for him and shown him that all emotions have value, but its how we use them. We have seen an increase in communication from him during times where he…

  • Five Week Self-Esteem workshop with Coach Rosie

    Five Week Self-Esteem workshop with Coach Rosie

    “Thank you for everything you did for our children. They had a brilliant time and I even had a parent telling me how much it had helped her son.”

  • Parent Testimonial

    “Luke has been brilliant with my 12 year old son. Anxiety and anger caused him to struggle with school; and social environments. Luke has given him tools to manage this and it has made a real difference.”

  • Confidence & resilience building workshops for school

    Confidence & resilience building workshops for school

    “The children enjoyed learning about how body language effects moods and feelings. We learnt about how to be calm and confident using our body.”

  • Testimonial for Coaching 1-2-1 Sessions

    “I wanted to say a huge thank you for all you’ve done for my daughter. Your work with her has made such a difference to her confidence. The tools you provided her to help her with her anxiety around school have worked really well. She has ll the posters she created full of positive words…

  • Parent Testimonial

    “Thank you so much. I was super nervous of how he would be. He really loved it and asked when we can do it again, so that is really positive! I am very grateful and we will definitely be practising everyday!”

  • Parent Testimonial

    “It was a really good session last week thank you! We have been able to draw a lot form it!”

  • Parent Testimonial, Kenilworth

    “My daughter loved attending Happy Confident Kids’ workshops. We both learnt some great tools/skills to use when she needs them. It was a brilliant boost of self-esteem, allowing her to explore how she feels and promoting her own self-confidence.”

  • Workshop Testimonial

    “Sally is absolutely child-centred and I can not recommend her highly enough. She was such a key part of making our children’s event an enormous success and we are so grateful to her flexible and generous approach to supporting our entire event whilst offering such a high-quality session during her times with the different groups…

  • Pre-teen 1-2-1 coaching session online

    “Really helpful to have explanations around why we can feel a certain way. It is good for Rose to hear from you that these techniques are useful for everyone and not just young children. She was a little more relaxed last night which was good to see.”

  • Parent Testimonial

    “Thank you, Laura. You have been wonderful. I am so happy we found you and will be in touch for a top-up session when we need it. For now, I think ** has the tools he needs to hold his head high at school and at home.”