Becoming a Happy Confident Kids Coach

When Happy Confident Kids was originally founded, it was to serve a very specific purpose: To teach children the emotional foundation blocks of life.

In a world where academia is valued more than values themselves and a child’s worth is based on their achievement, it is no wonder that children are struggling with their mental health.

Happy Confident Kids was founded to teach children how to manage their own emotional state better. To give them tools and strategies that were easy enough to be implemented autonomously by them yet effective enough and backed up by science to make a tangible difference when put into practice regularly.

All our coaches are hand-picked, for we recognise that those children we are entrusted to teach these skills to are precious.

All our coaches are highly skilled, not only do they have coaching skills; they are also skilled in the art of recognising the patterns of behaviour that are keeping a child stuck and have the knowledge to show a child how to change those behaviours to more positive ones.

Humans are unique, your child is unique, therefore the response they require to help them overcome their challenges also needs to be flexible enough to cover their uniqueness.

And that is why what we do is so effective.

The journey to becoming a Happy Confident Kids coach is quite a long one:

Step One – Firstly, you need to gain a diploma in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the science of the mind and body connection that allows a coach to understand the negative behaviours that are often fear-based or self-protective.

Step Two – Secondly, coaching qualifications are required. We prefer our coaches to be Master NLP practitioners as this has the additional skills that are often required when working with younger clients.

Once you have acquired these skills you are then eligible to access our training. Here we teach you the core skills, techniques, and strategies to deliver our workshops and 1-2-1 sessions

Benefits to you:

  1. You are fully supported yet independent to set your own levels of work.

  2. You are part of a team of like-minded coaches with similar values.

  3. Unlike other organisations, our paid membership is affordable meaning that you can easily make a profitable business doing what you love.

  4. You are provided with all the materials you need to deliver 1:1, small group and whole school workshops.
  5. We will actively promote your services to get clients for you.

As a Happy Confident Kids coach you are provided with regular ongoing training, access to newly developed techniques, our academy, lesson plans, workshops and are fully supported in your journey. You receive referrals and are promoted through our website and other marketing activity. We work together, as a team, with a common mission; to help children to resolve anxiety, build confidence and resilience, learning skills for life that allow them to achieve their potential.

I am sure that you can agree, if you feel confident, calm and are able to bounce back from adversity, you can achieve pretty much anything you set your mind to.

If you are interested in joining our team and becoming a Happy Confident Kids Member, get in touch with us at