The benefits of using LEGO® in play-based therapy and coaching

Therapy through play has long been known for its benefits for children, especially those who struggle to articulate their thoughts and feelings.

We have developed a series of tools for our coaches that use LEGO®. These LEGO® Tools have been specifically designed for children to begin to connect and articulate their thoughts, feelings and emotions and begin to teach them that they have a choice and influence in how they are feeling and how they express those feelings.

Some of the key benefits of using this kind of play-based therapy coaching are:

  1. Communication and language skills – encouraging exploration of emotions and being able to articulate them through play whilst being coached enables children to learn how to experience and label emotions so that they can recognise them and begin to self-regulate.

  2. Focus and concentration – we’ve found that children who previously were unable to focus or concentrate have been able to do so for much longer periods of time than expected when using this blend of coaching.

  3. Self-confidence – by being able to gain evidence that they can do things they previously struggled to so, children gain self-confidence and increased ability.

  4. Patience – one of the key skills we teach is calmness, which increases patience, impatience often comes from feeling ‘wired’ or ‘anxious’. When children begin to learn how to calm their neurology down, they naturally become more patient with themselves and others.

  5. Lowering anxiety and stress – many children come to us because they are anxious or stressed. Being able to create an environment where they can focus and concentrate, learn to calm their neurology down creates less stress and less anxiety.

  6. Creativity – using LEGO® in a completely different way opens up the doors to creativity, enabling children to explore through the eyes of curiosity, rather than sticking to the prescriptive instructions.

  7. Social skills – when children learn that they are able to communicate their emotions and have a choice and are able to influence this, this enables them to build a strong foundation of social skills that were perhaps not quite within their reach before.

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